Types Of PCB Manufacturing

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Oftentimes, the design of the manufacturing of a PCB is as critical as the main circuit itself. Most companies make use of the compact flex pcb manufacturing to organize and assemble electronic circuits. A PCB can hold one or more insulating boards, in which the conductive signal traces and copper layers have been printed or etched. However, it depends on the complexity of the circuit. The printed circuit board manufacturing can be involved anywhere from a single-layer printed circuit board to eight and more layers. The content below gives you more detailed info about PCBs.

The types of PCBs based on layers

  • Single-sided PCB. This type of PCB is used when you have a very basic circuit. It has the least complex PCB because of the entire circuit-comprising the electrical components. Also, it is contained with copper-traces on a single insulating board.
  • Double-sided PCB. This type of PCB holds a circuit with slightly more intricate than the single-sided PCB. Both sides of this PCB are utilized for housing the circuitry components. When manufacturing double-sided or multi-layered PCBs, the hole technology is usually used.

HDI PCB manufacturing

Complex PCB manufacturing

This type of PCB is accomplished through multi-layered PCBs. It comprises multiple sheets of the substrate. It has insulating layers in between each, yet, depending on the circuit complexity. These PCBs can range from 2-4 layers or even more, going right up to 42 layers in a highly innovative circuitry. Whilst, the High-Density Interconnection or hdi pcb manufacturing has a higher wiring density in every unit area against the conventional board. HDI PCBs have finer lines and spaces, capture pads, higher connection pad density, and minor vias.

The types of rigidity-based PCBs

Different apps require various types of PCBs. For example, a rigid PCB is more prevailing and found in daily-use consumer electronic items, namely:

  • Computers
  • Televisions
  • Mobile phones etc.

The board might break or crack when bent beyond the limit. As mentioned above. PCB manufacturers are also offering flexible PCB or flex PCB. The circuits are assembled on flexible insulating material allowing the PCB to be sent and curved without causing damage to the insulating material or circuit. You might be seeing flex PCBs used in flexible heaters, medical equipment, or hearing aids.

As you can see, you might hear about the rigid-flex variety of PCBs. It is a combination of flexible and rigid PCBs. Both circuits are used in military and aerospace apps, where the extremely dense circuit is needed. The rigid-flex PCBs save an essential amount of space that results in electronic products weighing much less. PCB or Printed Circuit Board manufacturing can be taken out for several limited circuits or a large-volume production. It is very essential to choose a PCB manufacturing provider that has a proven track record.

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