Why is Growing Your Instagram Followers Instantly a Bad Thing?

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The more number of followers your Instagram account has, the more it does you good. More number of followers in your Instagram account shows that you are kind of popular and all that you post has a better reach. This in turn is very good for that which you are promoting. Be it your business,your skill or simply, yourself, more the number of followers, the better it results it will produce. Now if you are fairly new to Instagram, then the number of followers in your account is probably going to be very low. But now there are several service providers who provide large number of Instagram followers instantly or over a course of a few days. To avail this service, sometimes you would have to pay for them, and there are some that are free.Now, is getting free instagram followers instantly a bad thing? In a word, the answer is yes. Let is clear it up with the incident below.

The great Instagram purge of 2014

This is one incident which no one should ever forget. When one buys followers for their Instagram account, chances are high that all these accounts would be fake accounts. Why say so? It’s because, you will never find these accounts liking any of your posts, commenting on them or sharing them. In short, there is no activity at all. In the wake of December 19, 2014, Instagram decided that it was time for a clean up and deleted all such fake or spam accounts. Many of those who had huge number of followers, including celebrities lost millions and hundreds of followers that day. Some of the celebrities who lost followers include:

  • Justin Bieber, who lost 3.5 million followers
  • Kim Kardashian, who lost 1.3 million followers
  • Rihanna, who lost 1.2 million followers

This is the reason why you should turn your head against free instagram followers instantly. What if Instagram decides to have another round of clean up? Spamming is never appreciated by anyone. Imagine if you bought hundreds and thousands of followers who were fake. And one fine morning, Instagram’s cleaning process wiped all of them off. What would then be your genuine followers reaction? Definitely, they would not feel so good. And since you broke the trust factor here, probably you will end up loosing the rest of your followers too. Such a situation is never good for your brand or business. If you get a negative review, it is going to spread like wildfire, and might even have  the strength to destroy your business or brand. So think wise and take a good decision when it comes to buying followers for your Instagram account.

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