Want To Transfer Files Securely? Read This Guide On Using The Linux Scp Command

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In the past, people did not have the resources to carry out secured transmissions of any kind of documents. As the technology gifted mankind with computers, the tangible documents became virtual in nature but the security threat still prevailed. It was not easy or safe to transfer confidential files from one system to the other, although both are connected through a local network. A person who has is an expert in hacking these networks can easily get access to the document as thereby it can be misused. This was the reason why there was a required for software which can help the users to transfer any kind of file remotely and securely from server to the client’s computer. Linux is a type of operating system which when installed in the computers makes them functional. A different operating system has different methods of transferring privileged files securely. So if you are an avid user of Linux and want to transfer files safely then read this guide on using the Linux scp command. So let’s begin.

What Is A SCP Command? 

Secure Copy Command is a kind of method which when given to the files and folders helps them to encrypt. This leads to transfer them securely between different servers. It is a replacement of the copy command. The task performed by the SCP command is the same as that of CP but in a more secure manner. In order to carry out this kind of transmission it is necessary that a person goes through the pre-requisite:

this guide on using the Linux scp command


  • Shell servers on the system.
  • Root access to both the server system as well as the client system.
  • Shell system login.

The system requirement for the transfer is that one just has to have a Linux based operating system installed in their systems. The tool which is brought in to action so as to use this command is the command terminal window.

Who Can Send Files Using This Command? 

The SCP command can be used to transfer files between two systems through a secure medium. This makes it easy for the users to share their confidential files through their local servers in a more protective form. This command can be used to copy files between the following:

  • One can copy different files within the same machine.
  • The files can be shared between remote as well as local machines.
  • The files can be received from remote machines to local machines.
  • Moreover, files can also be copied between two remote serves as well.

Sometimes, the owner of the organization needs to transfer some of the confidential files within the organization. These files are shared between the privileged peoples of the firm and cannot be shared by the employees. This is the reason why there is a need for such a command option.

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