Want to Add a Printer to a Windows 8 Computer?

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A printer is a very useful device for printing of various documents. Usually, it is found in offices only but nowadays as there are many projects of the kids that parents need to prepare at home, and hence the printer is seen at many homes also. It is a much useful device that can help one keep the record of soft copy in hard copy.

However, as it is also a machine only, one has to face various problems with the installation as well as the operation of the same. In the Windows 8, the setting of a printer is also very easy. One just needs to take a few basic steps, and in just a couple of minutes, the system configuration for printer prepares it to get the result of the print job as expected.

Printer to a Windows 8

Here are the steps that can help one to know how to add a printer on Windows 8:

  • First of all, one needs to go to the search option where with the help of the keyboard shortcut key “Windows key + W” can help him. Here one needs to check the option of devices and printers so one can easily find the option of devices and printers. As another option, one can go to the power menu and select the option of the control Here also one can find the option of Devices and printers.
  • Now one needs to find and click on the option of my wireless printer. Here one needs to have a double click so that the properties of the printer option will be available. In the option of the printer, management one needs to click on the Display Printer properties and select it.
  • Once the printer properties option is availed, one needs to try for printing a test page. For this one needs to move to the General Tab, there is an option of print test page which one must click on. If the test page gets printed successfully, it means that the printer is ready to use now.
  • Now one can set the settings as per the print test page option as one can customize the same from the option of printer and printer settings. One can change the margins as well as fonts and other settings as per his requirement keeping in mind the present settings as per the test page.

Hence with the Windows 8 to add and set a printer is not a big challenge. However, it is important before proceeding that the system needs to have the printer drivers installed on it so that the printing can be done smoothly. In case there is any trouble one can always try to go through the option of troubleshooting for a quick reference and see if it can help to fix the problem. If there is any problem with the printer settings, one needs to contact the expert in the field immediately and must not try to resolve the issue if one does not know much about the same.

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