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All experience the episode while using torrents that the incompatibility in the upload to download ratio affects adversely in the speed of download. You find no simple solution to this problem in torrents and silently suffer by sacrificing your valuable time and money paid due to times consumed of your private internet connection. But now the technology has come up to help you out of this predicament. The solution lies in the adaptation of Seed box technology in your system.

The Seed box hosting is a kind of service provider which is privately manned and offer customized plans to suit your requirements. The plan varies as per your requirement based on size, capacity, software compatibility etc. The budget also varies accordingly. So prior to buying a plan you have to make sufficient home work to select the right plan. You may also take the help of experienced service providers to reach at the correct and useful plan.

All you have to do next is to rent a plan from your service provider which you can select from plenty available online. You simply have to transfer your files put in torrent onto the Seed box and it does the job for you at a speed which must be thousand times faster than that available in your internet. After completion of the job you simply use the protocol named file transfer and start downloading the files. The important feature of the new technology is that it continues its seeding even after the downloading is complete. In this way it goes on moderating your download to upload ratio.

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The Seed box technology is so designed that it gets connected to the World Wide Web or internet through a highly wide band width. This implies that with Seed box you are able not only to download your files with unrestricted band width but also transfer it to people connected to you at a remarkably high speed. While making selection of seed box hosting it is vital that you find out, whether the company you are planning to open an account with, offers good customer service or not. This detail you can get from a few current users or your friends. This is because if you are new to this field then initially there would be many doubts in your mind, You need to share such doubts with the customer service guys and they should be able to help you with your account. You should see to it that your host provides you with 99.9% uptime. This is something that would then justify the worth of your money.

The Seed box is a 24×7 affair and is not dependent on your location. Due its remaining online all the times, the uploading capacity increases many times and your upload ratio will also be good. So cheap seedboxes can be described as one which can be profitably used to upload as well as download the vast files with an exceptionally fast speed increasing your capacity to a new horizon. So you may immediately go for it in order to survive the competition.

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