Top GPU Games of 2018

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2018 is in full force and we are sure that your PC gaming is too. Perhaps you have upgraded your graphic cards, perhaps not. Either way, let us give you our lowdown of the very best PC gaming on offer in 2018 so far. Your rigs will be screaming with the graphics glowing from your screen.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The best of the best, this game is hugely popular for a reason. The FPS? Astonishing. Ensure your system is capable of running this first-person shootermasterpiece. The graphics are as rich as you will experience. You deserve to give your rig an upgrade to fully appreciate this beauty. We cannot commend enough the detail that has gone into this action-packed beauty.


For the most authentic virtual experience of playing football, look no further.  The graphics are sharp, and the gameplay is second to none. Don’t be surprised if your brain thinks you are actually on the pitch and you start kicking. Football lovers, just get this game.


Forza Motorsport 7

Step behind the wheel and feel the thrill. This racing gem will blow your mind. The graphics are beautiful and smooth, just what you hope for in a racing game.If you want to race a car in the most real, graphic-intense way, this is the one.


For a different feel Cuphead is your choice. A 2D shooting game, this is an amazing creation and gives you something different to 3D games. This is a game based on strategy, so for those strategy lovers, give this unusual game a bash.

The Evil Within 2

This intensethird-person horror-based game is a mind-blowing experience. The graphics are spookily real. Truly thrilling, and a little frightening too! If tactics and strategy are your thing and you enjoy horror, play this game;you will not regret it. This truly is horror right in front of your eyes.

Destiny Original Sin 2

This online first-person shooter enjoys gorgeous graphics. War is all around you as you protect the Earth. You do so whilst enjoying magical graphics which makes for a beautiful experience. Be a guardian of the Earth in graphic paradise.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

This 2.5D third-person adventure is a real treat. South Park fans are sure to fall in love with this game, uncovering one mystery and conspiracy after another in the South Park world. The crisp graphics on this RPG will make the game even more fun.


RPG heaven. Fight as a team. Adventure; excitement; the exploration of fresh territory, with the graphics to boot. Divinity is a fantastic experience.

You will enjoy the very best graphics of PC gaming with all these games. They all offer something different, but what they all enjoy are beautiful, rig-smashing graphics.

We are all looking forward to a host of upcoming games in 2018 which are sure to provide you with all the graphic stimulation you need. State of Decay 2 and Farcry 5 are two games which are sure to cause a storm.check this link

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