The Future is here, 3D Pen Makes Drawing in Air a Reality

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Most of us must have heard of 3D pens. It is getting popularity day by day with its capability of producing an object in the air by just drawing. Now a das many small and large industries and companies have started using this technology to create their own customizedproducts. And for the same reason many companies are into 3D pen production considering the high demand for it. What makes this pen successful is the reliability, speed and ergonomics. Not all the products available in the market have all the features, so a little bit of study is a good step to get the perfect one for you. Even though the performance of such pens are mind-blowing, you don’t have to make a hole in your pocket to buy a 3D pen. It is very affordable and some companies offer good quality pens at much cheaper rates. Below are some of the cheap 3D pen 2018.

  1. Soyan standard 3D printing pen: it is especially for kids, with ABS filament sample and drawing templates(yellow)
  2. Tipeye: best 3D pen for kids with 7.5M long 1.75MM PLA 2017 tipeye . It is the newest RED version 3D doodler pen kits. T has a LCD display to monitor temperature. PLA refills for adults also included. Great for artists, doodling DIY projects etc.
  3. Tecboss: can be used for both adult and kids. USB power included. Comes with 2PCS filament refills, PLA and PCL compatible.
  4. 3Doodler: no messy and non-toxic 3D pens with 50 plastic strands to create awesome creations without any mess.
  5. Dikale: for art crafts kids as well as adults, use dikale which comes with 16 colour 160 feet PLA filament to cart. It is no clogging and makes best of your imagination.
  6. MYNT3D: it is a professional printing 3D pen with OLED display. Highly controllable, adjustable, portable, rechargeable and dependable.
  7. Hongdak: it is a 3D pen with low temperature safety holder for 3D arts and crafts drawing. You can doodle with free PLA filament.
  8. Professional printing 3D pens: comes with adjustable temperature control, large OLED display to read and monitor temperature and highly affordable with great performance.
  9. 3D printing pens, QPAU intelligent 3D pencil: a very efficient printing pen which does not allow any kind of material losing. Very easy to use with control buttons. Ensures your safety with safety pen holder.

All the above mentioned brands are really affordable and pocket friendly with good reviews by the users. There is no doubt that with such a technology, your work is going to get life and fun. The cheapest and the best option can be QPAU intelligent 3D pen as it has got many practical features to start with and also it is the easiest and safest to use. If you give priority to the quality and originality, then stick to 3D doodle 3D pen which can be a bit expensive when compared to others in the list but doesn’t ever compromise on the quality.


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