The essence of social profile management in online reputation building

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If you need to build a strong online reputation, then you will need to know how to manage your social profiles. It would be a grave mistake to think social profiles of your business will automatically manage themselves. Some naïve businesspersons even set up their profile and leave the forces of nature to manage it. Such are the kind of social profiles that erode the online reputation of a business. Social profile management is an art, it requires skills to optimize all your business profiles in the different social platform you engage your customers.

Therefore, you will need to manage your social profile because of the following reasons

  • Social profiles act as the face of your business online, an attractive profile makes you business attractive
  • A good social profile help stimulate audience engagement in social platforms
  • The public tends to trust companies with credible, vibrant and professional social profiles
  • Social profile is integral in building your brand image, which is a vital marketing element

The essence of social profile management in online reputation building

Given the above significance of social profile management, it is imperative for any business seeking to have formidable online presence to consider professional social media management. You have two choices when it comes to management of you social profile. The first choice is to do it yourself. If you have time, you can work on your social profiles to ensure they have what it takes to uphold your business’ online reputation.

The second option is to hire a professional to manage you company’s social profiles. This will cost you some amount but will deliver the best results. If you get a good brand management firm, you will be sure your social profile management task will be handled professionally.

Whichever way you choose, the techniques of managing you profile will remain the same. You will need to go through some regular drills to ensure your profile is up to date with what you want to communicate to the target audience.

A premium social profile management package ought to include the following services

Profile display management

Your social profile needs to have a nice visual display that resonates with your corporate identity or branding. You will need to place your logo, corporate colours and banners strategically to reflect professional outlook. This is the first step in setting up a social profile. The visual display would need regular updating. Whether it is a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Instagram profile, it just need to have an impeccable display.

Audience building

Any visitor to your page would be keen to check the number of people following, connected or liking your business profile. Profile with huge following attracts more people while those with only a handful tend to look fake and discourage potential audience from sticking around. The basic principle of social media marketing is to get the numbers and the sales would follow you. Therefore, you need to have strategies to build your audience actively. Get the connections, the likes, and get the following. This will build on your reputation as a popular business.

Audience building

Audience interaction

Once you have the numbers, it is upon you to ensure your profile is not dead. Let there be interaction amongst the audience and between the audience and the profile administrator. This is the point where you might need to hire some people to engage the audience. They will ask questions, reply to questions from the audience, and ensure the profile is active every day. Failure to engage the audience will subject the profile to a slow death. Some of the social profiles of brands excelling in audience engagement Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Academy of Financial Trading

Campaigns management

To keep your profile lively, there is need to have regular campaigns or promotions that will entice the audience. The campaigns need to be well thought out and managed. Some campaigns may help generate more audience to the profile while others will simply promote brand awareness and sales. The key to successful campaign management is to think of what would excite the audience. For campaign creation and management, there are no shortcuts; you have to engage human services.

 Profile statistics monitoring

Part of social profile management will entail gathering statistics on the performance of the page or account. You need to keep daily, weekly and monthly records that can include the number of new followers, the number of audience response, number of visitors and so on. Monitoring these statistics will help you know the progress of the profile. It would be very easy to know the effect of campaigns, promotions and any other change initiated on the profile. There are some software which can help you gather these statistics from your profile.

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