How to Test Your Internet Speed with a Reliable Online Tool?

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Regardless of your internet service provider, may it be Charter, Comcast, or any other ISP, it is always wise to know your internet connection speed to determine if your ISP is serving you well by providing you with the internet speed that you are paying for. There are several different ways to know your internet speed however one of the most popular and most widely used method is to use an online tool to determine your upload and download speeds.

From the many tools that you can use online to determine your internet speed, it is easy to use a tool for speed checking. In order to know your internet speed, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to a reliable website that provides an internet speed test. An example of such tool is from the website
  2. Navigate through the simple website and you will be able to find the “Begin Test” button. Click this button to know your internet upload and download speed.
  3. Wait for a few seconds and the results will be shown on your screen. Both your upload and download speed will be shown on the screen. Approximate and accurate values for the current speed, minimum speed, and maximum speed will be given to you.
  4. Evaluate the speed of your internet connection. Is it fast and reliable enough to be able to do the activities that you need to conduct on the internet? If your internet speeds do not match the speeds that you are paying for to your internet service provider, then make sure to contact them for a complaint.

How Does the tool Work?

Like most online speed test tools out there, the speed test Charter Com works just like them. It specifically downloads and uploads certain files of small size and logs the speed it took to download and upload such files. The results are the ones that are shown on the screen. It determines the current speed it took to download or upload the file, as well as the maximum and minimum speed it encountered while downloading and uploading the specific files.

Speed Evaluation

Now, if the results of the speed test tool indicate that your internet speeds do not match that of the services that you have availed from your ISP, then you should coordinate with them to solve the issue. However, you may also try other methods of improving your internet connection like enhancing your Wi-Fi router, improving the signal and reception of your wireless router, and positioning your router to a good area with great signal. However, if the speed test tool results to a speed that match your expectations from your ISP but you still think that your internet connection is slow, then try to upgrade your internet connection.

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