Secrets and Easter Eggs in GTA San Andreas

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When playing the game on the console or PC, look at the sky above and you will find a group of stars that look like the Rockstar Games logo. If you look closely at the ambulances in San Andreas, then the Spear will be written on them, not Ambulance. This may be an indirect reference to the Lance Vance game of Vice City.

Let’s look at some other secrets. Many people claim to have seen Bigfoot playing history missions. However, there is no official word on this. In my friends’ report, they noticed Bigfoot near the Countryside play area. Find this monster in the forest.

Is there a skin character in San Andreas?

The answer is no. The game does not have a leatherface. Some sites accept this, but many others deny it. I do not even accept the existence of any character from the skin of the face. His absence is one of the least known secrets in the player community.

If you are doing a valet mission, you can take the Van Hoff hotel, which is located near the starting point. The hotel can generate money without playing any mission.

If you have ever played San Andreas, you know that car repair costs a lot of money. However, the secret is that you can fix your car without spending a penny. To do this, park the car in the garage and then leave the garage. After a few minutes, open your garage and the car is in good condition. You fixed it without losing your money.

gta san andreas free

You may have noticed trains in gta san andreas free. But you do not know how to ride. If you want to try the train trip, complete all the cargo missions. If you complete it successfully, you will receive $ 50,000.

Another secret of the game is the infinite ammunition. You get the privilege of endless ammunition if and only if you pass the game up to 100%. In addition to this, you will also gain a military tank capable of destroying other vehicles.


The game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a secret way to protect you from fire. To obtain this advantage, you must complete all fire missions. This concludes my article on Easter eggs and the secrets of the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. If you have any related questions, Visit the site and clear your doubts.

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