Samsung Promises Big Innovation in 2017

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Samsung remains the acknowledged baron of the Android world; the close sells added handsets active Google’s adaptable belvedere than any other, and even alfresco of Android it is currently blame Apple’s ass if it comes to sales. The Korean tech behemothic has arisen a continued way in contempo years, and rumors would advance that it’s got a LOT of absorbing getting advancing up in the not-too-distant future, things which are abstraction up to be MAJOR milestones in the adaptable tech amplitude as a whole.

Aside from the rumoured flexible folding display, UK mobile phone blogger and leakster Sam Murray would like to see Samsung squeeze in a decent battery. He says: “With devices getting thinner, and in the Galaxy X’s case, flexible, I do worry about battery life. Hopefully Samsung can squeeze in at least a 3,000 mAh unit.

In short, Samsung is gearing up to be a pioneer, an able trend-setter for adaptable accessories traveling forward. What’s the agitator for all this? Well absolutely artlessly it’s that Samsung is traveling to be aboriginal to bazaar with an absolutely folding and adjustable Super AMOLED affectation smartphone; the Samsung Galaxy X, and this will change the adaptable accessory bazaar assuredly – including phones, tablets, and the rest.

So with this in mind, we anticipation it would be absorbing to anticipate about how Samsung’s portfolio is acceptable to change over the next brace of years. Of advance this is all speculation, but it’s fun to anticipate about.


The big accord for folding and adjustable OLED displays is that they actually breach down the barriers amid altered anatomy factors – phones, tablets, wearables, and so on. Samsung’s antecedent attack into FFOLED (my own appellation for Folding Adjustable OLED – I’m acquisitive it’ll bolt on), the Samsung Galaxy X accession in 2017, will absolutely artlessly absorb a clamshell smartphone that can bend in on itself to become added compact.

However, there is aswell a rumour for an additional Samsung FFOLED accessory in development that may arise central 2017 also; an accepted smartphone-sized handset with a 5in affectation which can disentangle into a beyond 8in affectation factor, finer a baby tablet. And this is the thing; Samsung does accept the alive addiction of aggravating new account and accouterments out on one accurate accessory blazon (or alternative thereof) for a bit afore rolling it out beyond the board; with adjustable OLED authoritative such a cogent aberration to the way in which accessories can be acclimated it’s about assertive to be broadly implemented.

Another agency is that the book bazaar has slowed significantly, although Samsung and added OEMs are still bearing tablets, but in boilerplate abreast the numbers they acclimated to due to crumbling sales year-on-year. The tablets that are still getting fabricated tend to be Windows 10-based amalgam tablet-come-laptop devices, but either way, the accord seems to be that consumers buy tablets the way they do computers, on a longer-term aeon than phones and alone replacing the accessory afterwards several years of use.

I’m assured Samsung to advance the way in agreement of accurate book accessories getting phased out completely, but I’d go one further, I anticipate it’s absolutely acceptable that (with the accessible barring of account class devices), committed smart phones will as well disappear. I anticipate what we’ll see, rather than an agency including the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and some affectionate of Samsung Galaxy Tab, will be an altogether altered approach.

To allegorize what I mean, let’s adjure up an abstract flagship, let’s alarm it the Samsung Galaxy F (F for Folding, of course) – it’s an accessory that starts out as a 5in-5.5in smartphone with an edge-to-edge Super AMOLED display, but advance a detached console turns it into a 7in-8in tablet. This replaces both the Samsung Galaxy S flagship and all of Samsung’s Android tablets.

Oh, and there’s no Galaxy Note class accessory either, because it’s no best bare – the Galaxy F functions as both smartphone and tablet, apprehension the phablet class irrelevant, and there’s a nice little S-Pen stylus tucked in the anatomy for use in either buzz or book mode. Lenovo has already approved a abstraction accessory forth this architecture and I anticipate Samsung will about absolutely do something similar.

But can we absolutely distil a lot of of Samsung’s accepted portfolio down into one device? Probably not, again, I anticipate there would charge to be at atomic an account accessory that is a smartphone and annihilation but. I as well anticipate the FFOLED takeover could do wonders for the wearable market. So far wear ables haven’t absolutely bent on, because a lot of users assume to feel that a smart watch commutual with a smart phone is somewhat redundant; but even accepting an absolute smart watch with its own connectivity doesn’t absolutely alter the smartphone for account and ease-of-use.

How about a FFAMOLED smartphone which folds from a buzz anatomy agency into a wrap-around architecture which mounts assimilate a wrist strap? Here’s an abstraction from Korean artist Jeabyun Yeon to authenticate – dubbed the Limbo – I can calmly brainstorm Samsung authoritative something like this and calling it the Samsung Gear F, or similar.

However, it’s harder to brainstorm Samsung’s portfolio, or absolutely that of any added OEM afterward this avenue (and a lot of acceptable will), from getting abundant added assorted than this, added than accepting altered blueprint variants at altered appraisement points; that seems appealing likely. These two accessories absolutely do awning all the bases (aside from tablet-laptop Windows hybrids, but that absolutely is an altered kettle of fish), including smart phone, tablet, phablet, and smart watch.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.

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