Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The best in its class

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Samsung is producing really good smartphones and phablets. Out of the phablet series Samsung Galaxy Note, the Note 4 is the best so far and the most recent.

There are two new things in the back portion, and can be seen in the new Galaxy Note 4 the first is that the camera sensor is small square this time, but still protruding much compared to other models on the market, such as Sony. In addition, the speaker happens to be in the back (not the lower side), so if you cover it with your hand then you would lose the sound loudness.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a phablet that has evolved greatly in respect of appearance and now is much more attractive. Without losing the spirit of the option to access the battery has been achieved is given that this phablet it a turning point for the company in this market segment.

Before talking about the S Pen, which is a differentiator section in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and has been significant progress, we mean that there are some details that should be known. For example, including the fingerprint digital on-screen and, after use, we must say that its efficiency and speed is much higher than that of any other company model that integrates itself. In addition, it is also possible to log on the Internet with it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The best in its class

Additionally it is noted that also integrates bio metric sensor that allows to know the heart rate, which is just below the camera sensor. Additionally, it is noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has three microphones that on the one hand, reduce ambient sound extremely effectively and that also can use when recording voice notes taking into account the orientation (it even has a specific mode for it).

Comes time to talk about the S Pen, advanced stylus that is a differential element in the whole range of phablet Note of this company and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is no exception. This is followed by inserting comfortably in the lower (right) side of the device and when removed the usual Air Command is executed, unchanged from Note 3.

Anyway, with the S Pen developments were announced, and these are present and positive. To begin, now recognizing the strokes is better, since both the pressure (2,000 levels of sensitivity), velocity, and even the angle of inclination is taken into account use. More than ever the feeling of writing is more realistic. An example of included is that you can highlight parts of the screen (or elements) by pressing the S Pen action using motion drag on the panel. That is, the options are increasing as it is possible further action specific selection with the stylus that combine with specific applications such as Scrapbook or S Note (here including new options are added such as simulate the use of a pen to write).

And now there are rumors we would see more advanced S-pen in the Galaxy Note 5 i.e. releasing after few months from now.

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