The Pocket-Friendly HTC Desire 510

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HTC Desire 510 has simple Android Kitkat software, capable processor and reliable battery and is reasonably priced. But its camera is only suitable for quick emergency snaps. The design of the camera is not very impressive. The specs of HTC Desire 510 do not impress the committed tech fan but can handle basics well. It has 4GLTE superfast super data speeds and is not expensive. 4G LTE has been part of top-end phones costing a lot but it can now be found in budget phones too.

HTC Desire 510 has 4.7 inch Android Kitkat, 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and 854×480 pixel display and costs quite low if you use Amazon discount coupon codes. The Desire 501 is 10 mm thick and weighs slightly hefty at 158 g. Front has speaker grille over the display but the design is not very inspiring. The matte plastic cover of the back panel will not interest many, particularly black color scheme. The white version looks little better.  But you cannot really expect too much elaborate and fancy design at such a low cost. It certainly is functional and has an easy grip.

Speaker is not as loud as one on One M8 but is louder than in many phones. Its forward-firing position shows that sound will not be muffled on laying it flat. The top edge has power button which appears an awkward location and volume buttons are on left edge. It has removable back cover, provides access to SIM card slot, micro SD card slot and removable battery. You can use Flipkart discount coupons for getting it at a higher discount.

The Pocket-Friendly HTC Desire 510

Good Display

4.7 inch display has 840×480 pixel resolution which is the minimum expected in smartphone. This results in low pixel density which is lower than in M8, Desire Eye or One Mini 2. Even UK’s EE Kestrel, though little more expensive, has little higher pixel resolution. Its screen is sufficient for absolutely basics. Though text is sharp to read but has little fuzziness which is not there in high definition panels. It is quite bright and can counter most of reflections from overhead lights. Colors are not average too.

Android software

The 501 has Android which is an old version but is acceptable because of low cost. HTC applies Sense software on top and interface appears identical to one used on top-end one m8. It has Android multiple home screens and Blinkfeed is to the left. This is its aggregator service that pulls in latest articles from sources that can be chosen from and updates from social networks.

Processor and battery performance

It has Qualcomm snapdragon processor, 1.2GHz quad-core affair and 1GB of RAM. This is not very impressive but is acceptable due to low cost. Navigating Sense interface is normally trouble –free. Apps and menus do open quickly and the video streaming from the Netflix has been handled well. Its 2100mAh battery has been tested to last for over 12 hours which is quite fine. It can last for a day with little careful use. Get some amazing offers on HTC 501 at

Average Camera

It has 5-megapixel camera on the back and has a low resolution. This phone is not for photography enthusiasts because of the megapixel count but can be used by people not to fussy about high quality results.

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