Need to Enhance Your Content Marketing? Check these Practical Social Media Tips

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For a lot of brands today, content marketing has actually replaced advertising as the most appropriate and prominent tool to make an impact on the clients and followers, old and new. It means that many small businesses and individuals still struggle to fit social media – which actually might be the most important marketing channel right today – into their exiting content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Social media today allows you to make the most of already existing networks in order to increase the reach of your business content, and experts basing on ICM Consulting reviews assure that it also provides you with a testing ground for broad marketing campaigns, and much more.

The fact that you need to understand is that content marketing is not a science. There are many factors outside of control which can actually contribute to your content being a falling or hit flat. There are some certain ways to sway the odds in your favor. This is where and how social media can really help.

Tip 1: Share messages at optimal times

If you make posts at optimal time it can help give your content an edge. In the matter of fact there is no specific “best time” when you need to make posts to social networks, but still certain times have proven to bring much more engagement to your content.

Tip 2: A/B test on social networks in order to see what actually resonates with your audience

If you know that content will make an impact on social media, then you must first of all test and measure it. Imagine that you post only one Tweet to a small piece of your content and it fails, this is where you may think that the content was not right in the beginning. In fact, you should test a great variety of different social media messages across different social networks in an effort to connect with your audience.

In your social marketing strategy you need to use, for example, several different tweets for the same piece of content. This strategy allows you to see what language and structure does resonate with the audience. It also perfectly show the lifetime of that piece of content. Experts advise to use social networks for A/B testing as a ground for article or blog headlines.

Tip 3: Optimize messages to various social networks

As you already know, every social network has absolutely unique qualities and unique audience. This is why you should not ignore these specifics of a network which basically ensures that your articles and content in general will not succeed or be shared. But if you spend some time to optimize your messages, then you will definitely have greater connection with your audience and perhaps will help your content go viral.

According to one former ICM Consulting experts, Twitter, for instance, demands succinct but powerful messaging. As a rule if you attach an image to it you get the best way to connect with the Twitter audience. For the Google+ audience, expert said that it is better to use simple text posts. For Facebook it was proven long ago that posts with photos attract much more people to view, like, and share it.

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