Meizu MX5 Release Date And Specifications Possibilities

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The Chinese company Meizu recently launched its MX4 and by launching it the company has entered Smartphone industry with a bang. It is being said that the Smartphone offered by Meizu is powerful and is going to give huge competition to the others.Within few days the company also launched the big brother Meizu MX4 pro. There are lots of rumors going on the web about the company and it’sSmartphone. People are also waiting for the next launch of the company that is Meizu MX5.

Meizu MX4 pro was having 5.5 inchdisplay (2560×1536) pixel resolution and is also embedded with a finger print sensor. It has three GB RAM and 20.7 mega pixel camera. Italso runs on Exynos Octa core version andpossibly the same chipset like the galaxy note four.

According to the existing status of all the Smartphone, MX4 is on the first position, followed by Samsung galaxy note four and alpha. The difference among the all is minimum. MX4 is ahead note 4 with few powerful features. MX4 is a powerful phone so as the other versions of the company but the question is if the Smartphone of the company is so powerful then why it is still hidden and is there any scope of the company in the market. Also it is rumored that the Smartphone’s of the company are offering very interesting features. It will have 3K resolution display, 4GB RAM, octa core processor and much more to impress the Smartphone users. The Smartphone of the company is offering everything to the people that they desire in their Smartphone.

Meizu MX5 Release Date And Specifications Possibilities

Release date

There is no official announcement till now from the company about the new launch of the phone. But it is being rumored that the company isgoing to launch its next flagship in 2015.  The previous phone was launched in September so it is hard to say first quarter or second quarter of 2015. There is no doubt that people whoare aware of the company are waiting for the next launch of their phone. It is going to be a good investment.

 The Chinese are well known for their advanced technology and this can be seen in their Smartphone. They are effectively competition with huge names such as apple and Samsung with just one or two launches of their Smartphone. MeizuMX5 is also going to come with a bang in the market because according to the rumors it is having some of the most advanced features.

Specifications and feature highlights

  • Screen 5.5 inches 2560×1536
  • Finger print sensor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 7 MP
  • Exynos octa core version

Price of the Smartphone

 The earlier version of the Smartphone was quite reasonable and features were excellent. This time we can also except that the company will keep the price factor in mind. The Meizu Smartphone is accepted to be affordable.  The launch is not yet decided and there is not much information available yet. The price is also not announced but can be accepted to be reasonable. It is going to be a great phone.


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