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Gone are the days when enrolling in universities, attending classes regularly, taking notes, doing homework, giving exams – the usual hectic routine that any university student can be found complaining about – was the only way to get an Education. In the tech-savvy world that we are a part of, Google Play Learning Apps are supplementing and for some, replacing the conventional university education.

Beginning the online learning process

If you were unaware, let me tell you of the hoard of free college studying apps that you can download on your phone, like The Great Courses Plus – Online Learning Videos and The Great Courses Plus, which are available for Android and iOS respectively. Download these top free tutoring apps to gain access to over 8000 video lectures from some of the best professors from prestigious institutes from across the world like Smithsonian, National Geographic, The Mayo Clinic, and The Culinary Institute of America.

The Appeal of Online Courses

The main problem that students face in Universities, is maintaining the mandatory attendance, commuting to university on a daily basis, and still having the strength and the time to study. These problems can be easily tackled by Google Play Learning Apps. They can be streamed anywhere, anytime. You can even download them, and save them for future reference. The applications are easy to use. It even allows you to switch between other applications, without interrupting the video. You can even switch to audio mode. The most important thing is that it is a huge assistance to those who juggle between work and education. You can work and anytime you are free, you can make use of free college estudying apps.

The Range of Online Courses

You can study any topic that interests you without making a formal commitment to study it. You can choose from History, Geography, Literature, Science, Travel, Philosophy, and a lot of other fields. It makes you feel secure and confident in your approach towards your course and perceiving it.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the top free tutoring apps now and enroll in your own personal university.

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