Learn to make your own paper air plane  

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Remember, how at schools we used to throw airplanes at each other during the recess. That was a fun part too. The air fights we had, the comparison we made. Those were the golden days of life. Childhood was so much fun. Even now there are times when we reflect upon the past and realize how things were. We lived in ourselves. There was no way we would be affected. We were the masters of our own life.

Reflecting upon the childhood, one realizes that the children of this generation don’t even know what they are missing out. The involvement in gadgets and phones has changed the way of living to a very great extent. The outdoor activities have been sharply reduced and children have been burdened with a vast curriculum in their schools. Schools these days are not like before. Children nowadays do not involve in activities outdoor as much as we did in our school times. The work load is burdensome. These activities had the essence of life during our childhood.

Simple guide to make your own paper air planes at school

Keeping this in mind, let us revive those golden memories of my childhood. Here, is a small guide on how to make the best air planes for you. This guide will provide you with the best ways to make basic paper airplanes. There is a general question which everyone has in mind.

How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

How to make a paper airplane that flies for a long time?  Follow this and get started-

1.      Get a rectangular sheet of paper of any size.

2.      Fold it into half to get a long rectangle.

3.      Fold both ends from the topmost corner to the middle line in a symmetric fashion to get a triangle.

4.      Fold the triangle backwards on to the rectangle.

5.      Now again bring the corners towards the apex of the triangle and keep it above it by an inch.

6.      Fold the triangle ensuring the folds remain unaffected.

7.      Now fold it into half and flip it to make the wings.

8.      Fold the wing on the one side and bring it exactly to the centre of the plane.

9.      Flip over and repeat the same thing for the other wing.

10.  Press the folds properly using your finger nail to get crisp corners and edges.

11.  Your plane is now ready to fly through the heights.

You can yourself work upon making Best Paper Airplane Ever glider for yourself by making small changes to above plane.

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