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Apple is one company with a very large number of users. Apple dominates sales of various hardware, not only cellphones but tablets to various other digital devices.

One of the Apple products that are most widely used by people from all walks of life today is the iPhone 12 offers. There are still many people who use the previous generation iPhone today.

The question is, does the iPhone you use still have a warranty? Because of course, this guarantee can ensure that the iPhone you are using still gets service and support protection.

The following are methods you can use to check the warranty for the iPhone you are currently using!

The first method that you can use is the easiest way. The following are the steps you can follow:

First of all, you can go directly to the service protection and support check page, here.

After that, you can immediately enter the iPhone serial number that you have into that column. To find the serial number you can do the steps below:

First of all tap the general option.

After that, tap the about option.

There you can select the serial number option.

Another way to find out the serial number of the iPhone you have is by following these steps:

First, open the iPhone you have, and open the laptop you have. After that, immediately sync the device using iTunes. After that, select the summary column and you can immediately see the iPhone serial number that you have in the top left corner.

Enter the serial number that you have and then click continue.

After that, there is some information that will be provided by Apple, namely:

The type of device you are using. Now you have to match this information, make sure that the device recognized by Apple is the same as the device you are using.

Purchase date aka date of purchase. Again, you have to match this purchase date, where to ensure that the warranty is valid, the purchase date stated there must match the date of purchase of your iPhone.

Status Free telephone tech support. One of the interesting features that Apple has is the technical support via free telephone, unfortunately, this feature is limited by time. If this free support period is over you can still get technical support via telephone but you have to pay per call.

Information about whether the device you are using is still under warranty for repair and service.

The expiration date of the warranty, and the estimated expiration date of the warranty period.

Information about whether your device has a warranty period that can be extended through Apple Care or the status of the Apple Care Policy.

There are several other possibilities that you can find out. Some of them are your iPhone has not been registered, the warranty has expired, or has not added Apple Care.

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