How To Manage a Content Plan With Endless Search Updates?

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When running a content campaign, there are factors which can be foreseen and those which cannot be. If you are writing content for a website, you know important events coming up such as festivals. These events play a big role in how you create content.

For instance, many brands you notice have Holi and Diwali sales. Why? They understand that people are more likely to buy stuff during the festive season. So, they frame the content of their marketing campaign to suit the coming event’s ethos and excitement.

This is a clear example of managing a content plan based on a factor which can be foreseen. What about factors which cannot be foreseen? It is not as if digital marketing doesn’t throw up its fair share of surprises..

One unforeseen change a content manager cannot really prepare for is a search engine update. There is no doubting the fact how important search engines are to a content plan. Organic discovery on search engines is one of the main reasons companies build content teams.

While a content strategist might know that a search engine update is coming, knowing the content odf the update is impossible. Over the past few years, search engine updates from Google has made many top-ranked websites go out of business after falling beflow the pecking chart.

In digital marketing institutes, there is not just a study of the different Google updates that have taken place almost the last two decades. There is also an analysis of how these updates impacted websites and their traffic numbers.

In this article, we discuss how a content plan is supposed to be managed amidst endless search updates.

Focus on the Audience

Knowing what a search engine update would do is out of your control. So, let it go and focus on the things that remain constant and within your control.

Despite any number of search engine updates happening, your audience remains the same. Make content tailored for your content.

Google’s aim is to make good content available to their users. The goal of every search engine update is largely the same as well. If the content you create is tailored specifically to the needs of the audience, you don’t need to worry about any search engine update.

Diversify Audience

If all your traffic is coming from search engines like Google, it would be natural to be afraid of a Google search update. To change this, focus more on other channels for traffic such as social media. By having a rock solid volume of traffic coming from social media, you have less to worry about when a search engine update comes about.

In Conclusion

In order to manage a content plan, marketers need to take into account various factors which may not be clear to begin with. One of them is search updates. In this article, we covered how a content plan can be managed in the face of endless search updates.

About the Author – Krishan Das is a well-known content writer and strategist with seven years of experience in the field. He is currently plying his trade at, a well-known training institute regarded as one of the best places to take up a digital marketing course in Delhi.

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