How The Bots Are Taking Over Internet Interaction

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Artificial Intelligence is growing by the leaps and bounds every minute of its existence. Thanks to the development of powerful computers that are available to almost anyone who can afford it, it led to the rise of the bots and in particular, chat super bots. Why super bots? Powered by powerful algorithms and AI, these chatbots can engage customers of a website without them being the wiser. It should really not come as a surprise as even voice calls are already being automated, how much more so are those that are just chat enabled businesses right? Chatbots are now so advanced that people who engage them in conversations are not able to distinguish them whether or not they have a human operator. This is both scary and a blessing to investors and businesses. Take a look at some of the reasons why they are taking over the internet marketplace.

Customer Engagement

Have you ever experienced walking into a store and not having anyone greet you? What was your reaction? Probably walk out as fast as you can to buy from somewhere else with more attentive staff right? The chatbot in the virtual world is the equivalent of a gracious staff that you can ask anything regarding the store. When a visitor comes into the site, the chatbots immediately activate and greets them. This gives the customer that feeling of being attended to and usually, it doesn’t matter whether it is a bot or not so long as their questions are being responded to and they have almost instantaneous engagement with the “store staff” so to speak.

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They Are Infinitely Cheaper

Not only are they fast, efficient, and never tires, chatbot programs are infinitely cheaper than keeping a human staff. They are not prone to sicknesses and other normal human things that plague a workforce. They have the power to turn just browsers into buyers by actively talking and engaging them.

Maintaining An Online Presence

Maintaining an online presence before means that you also have to be present in front of your computer, being online and responding to queries as soon as the inquiry hits your page. Most of the best bots for social media can actually also post relevant things on your account to keep it fresh and to make sure it has fresh content to give the appearance of a lively and active page that responds to the demands of its subscribers as they visit and have a look. Most online shops have a blog feature that posts content mostly about the items or services that they are actively selling or promoting. CHat bots are not only used in the front lines but in after sales as well, providing customer support when the clients need them.

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