Find Guest bloggers for your Blog content

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Blog update is the major work of every blogger. Publishing other blogger’s new article in your blog is called “Guest Blogging”. This type of article publications is “Guest Bloggers”. There are advantages as well as disadvantages in guest blogging. There are clearly more advantages than disadvantages. And then most bloggers prefer these guest posts. Not only those with this blogging you can get free traffic, free backlink and subscribers as well. How to achieve a guest blogger. This is a question to every blogger. I will share some important aspects regarding this post.

Find Guest bloggers for your Blog content

Special points to find guest bloggers for the blog

  1. Build Community
  2. Link love with guest articles
  3. Create a landing page for guest posting guidelines
  4. Interaction with your guest blogger is very significant
  5. Accept only quality Guest posts
  6. Enable Adsense revenue sharing

1. Build Community for Guest Bloggers

“No man is a master of all”. So generally bloggers do not show special interest in writing articles on your blog. So they create an active community to complete this task. Active community in the sense, the one who comments on your blog and gives you good quality blog posts. Comments and fame come through traffic only. If you have good traffic, but no active community, then there may be no one to write a guest post for your blog. To commence an active community, you need to begin blogging, commenting on your relevant blog. With these commenter, create one active community with your Guest Bloggers.

2. Give Link love with Guest article 

A high quality back link can be obtained through guest blog spot. Even though the guest posting option is enabled in many blogs. Although the blog URL is presented by the author bio, because of the ad blindness problems. Sometimes, the author bio box is not visible. Because of this, there is a chance to miss the high quality backlink. To achieve this high quality backlink, you need to add the guest blogger URL in two places mentioned below.

  • Within the article with “do-follow”
  • At the end of the Guest post saving “This is a guest post by $Name who blogs at $Blogname”.

By giving the backlink in the above two places, it serves as a guest poster.  As well as a guest posting to your blog.

3. Guest landing page for Guest Posting Guidelines

To accept the guest post firstly, you need to enable guest posting and create landing pages. In this page you need to mention the advantages regarding guest posting, how to prepare or guest blogging and last but not the least how to register on your blog for for guest blogging. With the help of this landing page once will register and post articles which makes your work easier.

4. Interaction with your guest bloggers

Interaction with your guest blogger is very important. Everyday I get 4 to 5 guest articles for my blog. But only 1 to 2 are being selected, and the rest re rejected. Without sending the rejected articles t trash you can mail them to your guest blogger, giving you suggestions and explaining as to why you rejected the article. With this you can have a better personal interaction with the blogger. You need to have a follow up with your guest bloggers on their social sites.

5. Accept only quality Guest Posts

The major problem in guest blogging is as soon a you enable guest blogging, there are a lot of guest posts, which appear in front of you. Many among them are spammers. You can protect these posts with the help of  Wangguard plugin. Many guest bloggers fill the article with their links and present a low quality post as Q review. Better reject such posts. Ask them to send high quality posts, politely and send then the posting guidelines. It may be a bit difficult in the beginning, but there will be a drastic difference as the time goes on. With these quality posts you can improve your blog reputation and organic traffic.

6. Enable Adsense Revenue Sharing

Adsense is one of the best revenue sources for every blogger. Change your blog as multi author blog. Provide the option to integrate author’s Adsense account, it helps to earn money from your blog. The Adsense ad displays along with their posts. Finally, your guest blogger gets triple benefits.

  • Get high quality backlink
  • Exposure and traffic
  • Money from their posts

So, convert your blog as “Revenue sharing blog” as soon is possible (or) announce prizes to your guest blogger every week for popular posts.


Encourage guest bloggers for frequent posting in your blog. Explain the benefits of this guest posting clearly. The above mentioned points are the basic homework for guest blogging enable a blog to invite more guest bloggers. After a few days your blog will get good posts from guest bloggers.

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