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An art with a purpose can be called as graphic designing. It is a way of representing the information visually. The visual art captures the attention of a lot of people, hence it needs to be accurate in its way of presentation. Creating and editing graphics is an important aspect of graphic designing.  There are numerous graphic designer websites. Out of which Skillshare is one such website. Their website is user-friendly and is it easy to navigate as the instructions are crystal clear. The online classes cover the topics listed in their syllabus and do their best in delivering and sharing the knowledge. The classes are divided into featured graphic design classes, popular graphic design classes and trending graphic design classes. The featured class is the one which teaches to design one’s own centre spread with InDesign. In simpler words, it is one of the page layouts which is in great demand. Graphic designing skills are handy when it comes to matters as simple as creating a greeting card and can get as complex as making an animated video.  There are many skills under graphic designing which can be obtained after undergoing the online classes offered by Skillshare. Popular ones are – adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, digital illustration, logo design, illustration, typography, vector graphics, lettering, design etc. If you are an amateur in graphic designing area, you can hone your skills here. A graphic designer helps you to customize photos, labels, backgrounds, templates and some special effects.

What does Skillshare offer?

The graphic designer websites Skillshare offers an app for both android and apple phones to cater to the needs of varied class of students. The app can be downloaded and the learning can happen anytime and anywhere, all it would require is an internet connection. The number of students enrolled in each class is transparent and visible to the audience.  Logos and Icons can make or break companies. Learn to make unique meaningful logos with Skillshare. The graphic designer website equips you with tools to make you a professional in graphic designing. The art of converting 2-D images to 3-D is taught.  There is no place where graphic designing is not used, hence make yourself armed with the knowledge of graphic designing and be hired anywhere you desire. There are techniques which make your work realistic, these are taught in the classes. You can make best use of it and go places to get more knowledge about graphic designing.

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