DIY Computer Repair Guide

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Computer repair and maintenance is always expensive. Even if we are talking only about removing a virus, reinstalling the operating system or bigger jobs, like replacing the hard disk, the work can be done at home, paying two or three time less than you would do if going to a specialized service.

DIY Computer Repair Guide

Every computer user has had probably at least one problem with viruses. It’s the most common problem and it’s not necessary to pay someone to scan and remove the bugs. They don’t have special tools or programs to fix it, but use the methods that are accessible to every Internet user. If your personal computer works inappropriately because of a malware, the simplest way to detect it is by using an antivirus to scan the hard disk, click the remove button and everything is done. The Internet offers you a big variety when talking about antivirus software, some of these sources offering free programs. If your computer is seriously infected, just reinstall you Windows. This is another thing you can do without professional help. Once you buy a Windows license, you can use it to reinstall the operating system every time you have a problem of this kind. It’s really fast and easy.

Reinstalling your operating system is also the way to deal with computers that are starting to slow down. You don’t have to change the device immediately, because the problem can consist in just some strange errors summing up and deteriorating its performances. To reboot it, you just have to use your Windows CD and follow the steps. Don’t forget to back-up and save all your important data and files before performing this operation. You can boot a single partition, and have all your files on another one, but when talking about an infected computer it’s better to start it all over. After rebooting it, don’t forget to use an antivirus, so that you won’t have any other problems of this sort in the future.

As it happens with any other machine, some parts of your personal computer may start having problems or may not be as powerful as your applications need them to be in order to work properly. It sounds difficult to do, but replacing components is much easier than you think. Changing the memory is the easiest of all. You could need this if you start having blue screens or if your computer starts slowly. You just have to check what kind of memory you need and buy it. There are websites that help you detect what you need in order to make the upgrade, so computer repair isn’t that difficult. If you want to learn more from local Phoenix based tech website, have a look at the following website – Computer Repair Phoenix.

Believe it or not, but you can build a personal computer at home, even if you aren’t a computer science graduate. Just use the metal support of your older one and buy the components online. You need to make some researches first, but this is how you can make the perfect computer, choosing the exact performances that you need for the hardware parts; not to mention that it is a lot cheaper to put together a computer than to buy one and it is much more fun.

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