Why Your Dental Practice Needs An Online Presence

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Health care practitioners have been behind the times in using internet marketing.  Many still subscribe to the outdated point of view that word of mouth is the only advertising a doctor or dentist requires.  While word of mouth will never go out of style as a great method for gaining new clients, the most important marketing strategy that any dental practice can use is robust internet and SEO marketing.

Your new clients are online right now.

While older people use word of mouth to determine their next dentist, they’re also not the prime demographic for gaining new clients.  Younger people, especially those with young children, are a better bet when it comes to growing one’s dental practice.  And people of that age have grown up with the internet and use it for everything. They shop online, they search for services online, they compare reviews online—in fact, for people of this generation, not having an online presence isn’t just a minor mistake.  It makes your practice look less legitimate in their eyes.  So, at the very least, the office should have a website.

Why Your Dental Practice Needs An Online Presence

Internet marketing and word of mouth work together.

Having an online presence means that when your clients are out and about and someone does ask them for a dentist recommendation, they can point them directly to your website.  This helps you make direct contact with new clients in a way that’s convenient and not intimidating for them.  Instead of having to call in and ask a dozen questions, they can check out the FAQ on your website.  You can have an enormous amount of information readily available on a well designed website.  Everything from the sedation options you offer to aftercare instructions can be readily available, and today’s patients greatly appreciate that.

How to Get Started

The two things any dental practice needs to get started are a professional website designer and an SEO marketing company.  Often, practices can find these services bundled together by a single provider, which can be a great deal.

A professional website designer is important because your website will be providing your potential new clients with their first impression of your practice.  A site with broken links, an out of date style, poor navigation, and unappealing color schemes is almost worse than having no website at all.

A Dentist SEO Marketing firm is necessary because the internet is a vast network of information (and competition).  In order for your sleek new site to impress your potential new clients, it has to be accessible, and that means earning a high search engine page ranking.  That’s what your SEO marketing firm takes care of for you.  They work in tandem with your website developer and also improve your marketing campaigns in any number of ways.  They ensure that when your clients search for “dentist” in your city, it’s your website that pops up in the search engine results—right at the top of the results list.

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