Business Enhancement by Polycom RealPresence Video Conferencing Software

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Everybody has a phone these days which makes connectivity easy. On an individual note, that is alright but when it comes to corporate communications, working on the field with your office, connecting between offices, and things like that, the phone bites the dust. It is still alright for personal communications, mind you.

Change in the perspective

The concept of video conferencing was reserved strictly for corporate communications. If you were a biggie in the corporate world, you attended video conferences. It made the entire thing seem like a sinister plot that the corporate bigwigs hatched to keep the small people from getting too big. However, things changed in the later part of the past decade and everyone seems to have the right tools to video conference with everyone else.

This leads to the question, “Do we need so much video conferencing?” or are we trying to imitate the commercial sector and pretend to be doing something important? The answer is the snobbish, “Yes, we do need video conferencing! I am a going to video conference right now.”

Leading software for video conferencing

So, we go looking for the best video conferencing software and we run into the Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows which has an impressive name and is an impressive performer too as we found out. You can use this application on the Mac OS and the Windows Operating System. It provides a superior conferencing experience beyond the normal conference room communications. Is this a good thing? Yes, because you can communicate on the go and use the conference room setting to do more.

Good features of the software

You get a high degree of collaboration that fits all types of work environments. Office today thrive in various forms – the cube, open workspace, shared office space, and the deluxe office. And, collaboration must be adaptable to all these environments to qualify as a top performer. The quality of the sharing experience will depend on the lighting conditions, the quality of the sound, and the way the system responds to the disturbances. Polycom RealPresence adjusts well to the circumstances and does not flicker or stutter when there are disturbances.

Use a business card

You can use a high-quality business card to use in your communiques. This will show all details location, title, and name. You can use it as a room based system that allows you to connect users within the same building. You can connect individuals with through a simple directory search and then click on the person. The room systems now remain connected to your computer through a wireless connection. This is the Polycom SmartPairing facility.

Versatility of the Polycom RealPresence

Polycom personal workspace products operate across all the devices – the desktop, your browser, and your mobile phone. This kind of versatility helps to keep you in the driver’s seat always. Connect effortlessly with the field agents and do not lose time when you reach home and switch over to the desktop.

Video conferencing is not a distant convenience but an immediate necessity. This is more so for the businesses and entrepreneurs who depend on their field agents for getting more turnover.

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