What Are The Benefits Of A Breakout Area In Your Office?

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As an employer, creating a breakout area in your office might seem like an unnecessary luxury that you think your workforce can do without. But with modern ways of working meaning that we’re spending more time than ever before behind our computer screens, a breakout area can play a key role in creating a working environment that your employees will thrive in.

In an office environment, employees must be given regular breaks away from their computer screens throughout the day. Integrating a break-out area in your office gives employees an area that removes them from their working environment, to ultimately boost productivity, it is a modern solution for offices that utilises comfortable furniture to give staff a break from their working day. Read on for even more benefits of a breakout area in your office!

Increase Staff Productivity

Sitting in front of a computer screen, surrounded by the same four walls for the majority of the working day is enough to make even the most motivated of us lose a little bit of get up and go as the day goes on. And research undertaken by the University of Warwick, shows that happier employees are 12% more productive; by integrating a breakout area, you will give your employees somewhere they can escape to and get a much-needed break from their desks creating a happier team.

Whether this is just a for a few minutes every hour, for an informal meeting between teams or to have their lunch; the breakout area will help to ultimately increase staff productivity and to improve their overall performance day to day as they feel more refreshed and relaxed.

Perfect Space For A Time-Out

A breakout area will provide a comfortable space for your employees to relax, it’s the perfect space for a time-out, away from your desk and most importantly, away from the computer screen. Giving your employees an opportunity to have a time-out can be hugely beneficial to the overall quality of the work being undertaken throughout the day.

You might think that you will have to lose an entire area of your office, or meeting room to fulfil the needs of the breakout area, but this is simply not the case. A breakout area does not need to be extravagant, it can be as simple as a few comfy chairs in a corner of the office, made private by partition walls, or if there is more room available, a space for pods or booths to be included.

As one of the world’s biggest tech giants, you wouldn’t expect anything less than a set of offices to match their brand. Bold, colourful and playful, each of Google’s offices around the world have been designed to encourage creativity and innovation. Google understand that to keep their staff motivated towards doing the best work for them, they need an excellent office space to encourage this.

This is why their offices include ball pools, slides, games areas, and more; by taking into consideration what their employees want in their office they have created environments that encourage the staff to work hard, and play even harder.

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