Bad writing habits – Need to be avoided

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A successful blog needs one thing that is content. In order to gain readers informative contents are very important. It is also important to post a content which is informative and unique, if you post copied content then blog will be penalized by google. This is one of the common facts that all the blogger would be aware of. Writing for a blog is trick but if an article looks good it helps you to attain visitors and readers to your blog.

Some of the common things that you need to be avoid while writing content for your blog:

Avoid_WritingIrrelevant articles:

If you are building blogs in the specific niche then you have to post contents on the same niche, this would be best for your blog. Before you are going to start writing it is must to do keyword research. Keyword is one of the major factors on content. It would be good to know the keyword density.

Don’t be too narrow:

Don’t be too narrow on a particular topic; it may bore your readers. Try to be wide and elaborate; this will greatly helps you to gain some knowledge. This makes readers to know that you are capable of explain a topic in different ways.

Stop focusing on topics:

Before you are going to write don’t be too focused on article topics. Try to consider the audience, think like as a reader what you should expect in the article? Why you want to read the blog post? If you think like this, you can get a way to write an attractive content.

Avoid writing weird contents:

No matter how informative your article is, it must be user friendly. If you delivered article in a paragraph with no sub titles and points surely reader would avoid your blog and skip for some other’s blog. Make sure that you are writing the article by giving different sub titles and points. Even it is best to write like a conversation. Conversation would be better and help the readers to catch the point in an easy manner.

writing habits

Avoid using Peculiar words:

Before posting your article make sure that all the visitors can understand your article. Don’t be too peculiar with words. Try using simple words and sentence which is easy to understand by all the visitors.

Irrelevant images:

It would be bad practice of posting your articles with irrelevant images. An image makes people to understand your post without reading your content. Images play an important role when it comes to blog post. Be sure that you have posted the article with most appropriate image.

Article size:

It would be best to be short and sweet. Try to convey your messages in 500 to 600 words. If it crosses more than 600 people feel boring on reading it. Hence it is best to avoid long articles.

While maintain a blog it is important to avoid the above mistakes. These are some of the bad writing process for your blog.

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