Are you an IBM AS400 series user? Talk to us for the safest system upgrade

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Most IBM products are expensive to acquire, and it becomes more difficult because the systems are in a continual update and what you have today may be rendered unfit in the next few years. For this reason, users keep on migrating their data into the newest versions of the systems. This is the same case with other IT service producers such as Microsoft.  For the AS400 systems, iSeries users we fully understand the agony you go through trying to purchase new POWER servers from IBM distributors and sellers. The products are costly and the service provided such as Backup test is highly charged. To migrate to a new system the users of these servers have to part with vast sums of money which is not a good thing. That’s why we provide speedy and safe server upgrade with at the lowest price that no other service provider can offer. Therefore if you are an IBM I iSeries, /i5/OS/AS400 systems user, and you are in a serious search of a service provider who can provide secure system Cloud Hosting for your most critical business application or a POWER system upgrade, we are here for you. We offer these services to the best and charge you a fraction of what a seller or other service providers would cost you.

AS400 systems

Why should you choose us?

 We give you numerous reasons to choose no one else but us, for your system upgrade as compared to other service providers. First, our 4-hour server upgrade system is very convenient and does not waste much of your time. We do all the data back Backup offsite within our data labs. We have a team of data experts, software and hardware engineers and highly qualified consultants who offer assistance in case of a daunting task. All these experts are certified to carry out the IT support activities. We are very flexible, and we provide our services around the USA while ensuring our clients do not suffer much downtime. The maximum time we take on upgrades is only four hours, and our clients have never encountered a surprise by a foul when the system goes live because all testing is done offsite before the system set up is done. Should you be worried about the quality of our services? Our history should assure you that what we offer is nothing less than completely safe and convenient facilities with over 20 years of service to AS400 systems users as well as iSeries/i5/OS.

The other reason is that we are experts in IBM IT products and services.  We have over 20 years in the industry offering the IBM software and hardware solutions to our clients. Within such period we have been able to provide services such as, 4 HOUR IBM I UPGRADE which is an efficient system upgrade approach to every organization that requires minimal system downtime,  IBM 1ON POWER SERVER, CLOUD 400, and CLOUD 400 DISASTER RECOVERY. All these solutions are meant to ensure that all the IBM I iSeries/OS/AS400 systems users upgrade safely to the latest versions without incurring much cost and wasting much time.

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