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Almost everyone has a story of bullying in their life, either they were bullied by someone or someone was bullied by him. Mostly this is experienced in teenage and everyone have some adventurous story regarding bully their life. So it is really exciting to watch the story about bullying and some time you will feel that this kind of incident had happened in your life also. Here we are going to discuss the game which is based on bullying and the name of game is itself “Bully”. Actually, they have come up with its exciting ten-year anniversary edition which is ready to excite people with its audacious feature.

Bully is present in the social hierarchy

The popularity of the bully game shows its amazing success. In order to promote Bully game, the 10 year anniversary is being celebrated by the team of Bully game. So they have come up with bully anniversary edition which is ready to Entertain the lover of this game. In this game, the story of a mischievous teenager whose name is Jimmy Hopkins is being shown. His adventures are really good which Cleary shows the perspective of kids. Actually, there is always been a misunderstanding between parents and children. This game shows the thinking of teenage because at this age people were to gain autonomy. By the way, if you casually inspect the society from anywhere, you will find the always there is bully worth. So we can say that the bully is present in the social hierarchy.

Available for Ios and Andriod

Now if we talk about the Bully game’s new edition then it is available for Ios as well as Android. The previous edition was not for mobiles like Ios and Android but today if someone wants to play over these mobile, they can entertain them self. This edition is really good because you can challenge your friend from everywhere and anytime. On Bully: scholarship Edition you can get everything that you want, from original release to new additional classes including mission, characters and many more. The recent resolution is the perfect blend of most technical graphics and controlled redesign of character, texture. The main idea behind this transformation is providing good touch play games.


The bully game is based on the social phenomenon of getting bullied where weak teenage get terrified by a stronger one. This is a casual thing happen in all society, school or colleges. On this happening, one game was introduced ten years back known as Bully. Recently, they have completed their ten years and come up with an anniversary edition which is associable to the Ios device as well as Android device. The feature has been upgraded on the demand of player as more and more number of players has been showing interest in this game.

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