A key to basics of SEO

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SEO is the acronym given to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process that makes a website indexed by the search engines by optimizing the website and the content present on it. Search engines use the indexed information of the website to provide better search results to people around the world. These search results are termed as organic search results.

How to make webpages visible to search engines

In order to gain more traffic on the websites, the main aim of the website developers is to design such web pages that rank higher in SERPs i.e. search engine results pages. The web pages are often made of content which if properly used can make the page visible to search engines. Few tips to achieve this are:

  • Internal Linking– Search engines like Google make use of Google bots for fetching information from freshly updated pages. This crawling technique helps web pages to be a part of the search Internal linking is one of the perfect ways to achieve this. It is best to use two to three internal links to the content on a web page with the proper use of anchor text. These links must cover the whole article and must not form a cluster at one place.
  • Anchor Text– It is a clickable text in hyperlinks. One must make sure that the anchor text must be relevant to the content it is referring. Underlined anchor text that is blue in color is a common web standard. Example of this is searchstudy.io.


  • Headlines titles and tags– All these must be concise and must have character count,not more than sixty-five. These also must include the keyword in it.
  • Navigation– User of the website must be able to visit the complete site naturally and the flow of navigation must be easy. The entire set of web pages onthe website must be linked to each other in such a way that user can navigate to any place from anywhere.
  • Content– The quality of the content used in the article must be relevant and unique. Google algorithms accurately crawl the content on websites. The developer must ensure that the Google crawlers notice the content.
  • Regularity– It is most important for getting the web page a higher ranking in SERPs. The regular updates in content the better it is for the web page.

Apart from these, having links of the website on other web pages of other websites also is very beneficial for getting higher ranks. Having links on other websites increases the reliability of one’s own website. In addition, promoting content on social media and having links and buttons to access or sharing that content promotes higher chances of indexing.

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