8 Apps to Help Grow Your Small Business

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If you want to boost productivity at your small business and ensure that your operation runs as smoothly as it can, you should know that there’s an app for that! Actually, there are 8 apps to help grow your small business. When you use these practical and popular apps, you’ll get benefits which make it easier to scale up at your company.

As well, you’ll find that these apps make your life easier.

Designed to save you time and energy, while minimizing the risk of business errors, these apps really cover all of the bases!

1.) Quickbooks is a Great Accounting App

Quickbooks is world-renowned for its user-friendly interface. When you choose this app, you’ll find that you’re choosing an app for an accounting software program that entrepreneurs have relied on for three decades. This app is feature-packed and you may access all of its accounting elements from just one dashboard.

2.) Slack is the Perfect Communication Tool

Slack appears to be a typical platform for instant messaging. However, it’s not average, because it’s way more advanced than some platforms of this type, including AIM and ICQ. This platform is just for businesses and it allows users to organize channels for team chats. This means that conversations are separate from one another and this contributes to less confusion. As well, links and attachments are simple to track down.

3.) Manage Time with the Deputy App

Time management is crucial. It’s one of the keys to being productive enough to grow a company and keep moving it forward. If you want better time management, you’ll find that the Deputy app offers tons of advantages. This app will allow you to manage the schedules of your staff members. It’s a cloud-based app, so anyone who is authorized can view scheduling information.

4.)  Streamline Web Marketing with Hootsuite

Hootsuite is probably the most famous app on our list. It’s likely that you’ve heard of it already. It’s a management tool for social media and using it will assist you with getting more from this form of Web marketing, with less overall effort. Use it to grow your social media presence and your small business! The free version will have less features than the paid version, so considering paying for premium service if you want access to every tool that Hootsuite provides.

5.) Manage Projects with the Dapulse App

Efficient project management is one of the secrets of small business success. If you want help, you’ll find that Dapulse has all of the right features. It’s a visual tool which will display the current state of a project. When you finish a project, turn it to green to clear the slate and move on.

6.) Wrike Boosts Project Management Efficiency

Another project management app with a great reputation is Wrike. Using it will allow you to manage a host of projects, work flows and teams simultaneously. You’ll find that collaboration on projects is simple and streamlined and this app will give you the power to assign customized work flows to particular projects, folders and teams.

7.) TimeCamp is a Superb Time Management App

There are lots of time management apps. We’re mentioning a couple here to let you know what’s out there. TimeCamp is great for project management and general productivity! This app features time-tracking software which is automated.

8.) Facebook Messenger Offers Great Business Tools

If you own a small business, you probably spend some of your time promoting your business Facebook page. Often, these pages are conduits for customer service inquiries and other sorts of engagement with customers. When you use Facebook Messenger, you’ll access messages from customers right away.

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