Things that are disfavored on Facebook

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Social media serves as one of the best way for the business persons to reach their audience. In social media platform facebook have gained attraction by the internet business people. But you can not reach what you expected if you follow the things that are unwelcomed in the facebook.  There is a very good saying from the social media scientist Daniel Zeevi which portrays the scandalous behaviour of internet marketers for their viral marketing of their own products or promoting their affiliate links.

Sinful doings that should be avoided

Avoid liking posts of you

Sharing or writing any news or likes of you already shows that you are attracted by that post. After sharing something on facebook if you like it again it lays the following bad things,Avoid liking posts of you

  • It shows that you are engaged in blackhat work
  • It shows the less confidence of your post
  • It shows your motive of showing up your post at the top of your news feed

Avoid irrelevant tagging while sharing photos

Many people used to tag lot of unknown people in the photos they are sharing on facebook. This shows that you are spammer and there will be possibility for the unknown person you are tagging may complain to the facebook about your irrelevant tagging.

Avoid adding unknown persons to your groupsAvoid adding unknown persons to your groups

This is same as the above mentioned technique. When you do this the updates on your groups will give notification each time to the people you are adding. This will make them feel annoyed. Adding people unknown to you shows your spamming activity on facebook.

Avoid sharing same information across all social media

Many of us used to share the same post across facebook, twitter, google+ and so on. While doing this we have to keep in mind that the users are not unique in all channels. Because people in facebook can also be in twitter, linkedin, google plus. So if you share the same information in all social media channels then it will create a bad impression about you.

This activity shows that you are just using facebook for timepass in businss point of view. Try to do this with some changes to differentiate.

Avoid sending bulk invites to your page

Never keep on sending invites to like your page or posts. Instead let them feel free to like your page after watching the impressive posts you are publishing on your facebook page. Never beg anyone to like or share your page. Make interesting posts published on your page. This will make others to join your page.

Avoid sending bulk invites to your page

Avoid sending continuous App or game requests

The way app developers and game owners advertise is through the app installers or through the game players. We all have experience of receiving lot of app requests and game invites from our friends circle. This is the way the advertisers use to promote. Try to avoid sending these invites as they irritate your friends and also created bad image on you.

Avoid sending group messages

The email that comes into spam folder is always considered as bad and is mostly rejected by the end user. So to reach your targetted people contact them in a private manner instead of making mass messages to group of people.

It is also recommended to send invite to any event only to the people who have relevancy with that event.

Avoid sending group messages


From the above mentioned wrongful doings addressed by Daniel Zeevi, communicating people on facebook should be done in a legal way. Don’t try to push your product or service into all people you are reaching in facebook. Because people like approaching if it is specifically related to them.

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