Crazy Fun World of Whatsapp

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Whatsapp is cool, Whatsapp is fun! Whatsapp is for everyone!! This was found written on a college entrance just outside town. Youth of today is crazy about Whatsapp. Moreover, there entire life is dependent on it. So what in the world is Whatsapp you may ask?

Whatsapp is a mobile application designed for text, image and video transfer between users of a smart phone. Of course, everyone these days has that essential gadget called smart phone. It is a mobile device that is essentially a hand held computer used to check emails, click photographs and many more activities besides dialling and receiving of a call.

But we did not have Whatsapp in our times you say, wakeup this is the 21st century.

Whatsapp in Today’s World

Today, Whatsapp is a vital application of each and every smart phone user. It is used to get in touch with friends and family at the touch of a button, or more rightly said, at the touch of the screen.

The notifications tab keeps ringing and showing messages of updates on this application on my phone. A friend sends a quiz to sharpen my brain. Someone else sent a joke to brighten up my routine day. Some others even send advises and quotes that they think will make their friend a better person. It is difficult to ignore the constant ringing of the phone and the tendency to pick up the phone and check for updates is addictive nowadays.

Specially, the college going youth is fanatical about posting their relationship status on whatsapp. One can come across a status messages that said Single and then very soon changed it to ‘It’s complicated’, then there was another one where the husband sadly put up a status that said he ran a workshop since he works and his wife shops. Read them and you will surely not help control your laughter.

Whatsapp on the Go – An experience

Another instance was when I was travelling on the bus and I saw two friends engrossed on their ever so smart phones I could not help peep into the screen of the one sitting next to me and what I found out was hilarious. The two friends were actually talking to each other over Whatsapp. Upon enquiring why they did so when they could have just reached the other person sitting less than a feet from them, they said it was more fun and they could talk about private stuff without anyone disconcerting their privacy.

A few creative minds even use mediums like voice or video chat to irritate a complete stranger. A friend once received voice chat messages from a stranger that kept advising about quick money making tactics on whatsapp. On the other hand, friendly voice chats offer well meaning advice at times of distress.

However, what really interests me is the level of fascination with this application. Everywhere I see people taking about their Whatsapp notifications or staring at their smart phone screens for hours while completely ignoring those around them. I have seen family members sitting in front of the television in the same room and each member engrossed in a whatsapp conversation with their respective groups. Here groups are virtual teams of users that belong to the same category for example, employees in the same bus route or students of the same class or even house makers that share same passion like cooking.

The craze is such that one who keeps themselves updated on what activity is going on in the group is considered to be cool and one who does not keep themselves updated is deserted by the rest. And then; who does not like to have the Whatsapp best status in the group?

Having said all that, it is highly interesting to share day-to-day activities with friends and family members while staying connected with them on a 24/7 basis from any part of the world. It is helpful to receive a recipe of your favourite dish from your mom while staying alone, or the picture of a new born baby from your cousin. It also helps to update an entire community about a certain event without having to call every single person and there after realizing that you may have mistakenly missed some of them.

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